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Airstream Compressors - Your single source solution in compressed air

About Us

Airstream Compressors has been marketing industrial compressed air equipment to industry in the Southern African market since 1998.

We have sold over 1700 rotary screw compressors and in excess of 1,4 million piston compressors. Our range spans from the smallest compressors used by professionals up to very large machines used in heavy industrial applications, air treatment, storage and reticulation components.

We pride ourselves in our extensive stock holding which includes comprehensive spare parts for our brands and that of our competitors too. Visit our distributor's page to view our air compressor sales agents in your area.

Airstream has a clearly identified set of values which define the way in which we do business and determines our principles that elevate us above that of our competition.

Our Vision

To become rated as the “Best in Industry” in Southern Africa by consistently providing quality equipment and service in a manner that exceeds customer expectations.

Our Mission

We source, distribute and maintain quality equipment by providing solutions whereby our customers are able to maximise their profitability through the best available “Quality to Price” ratio and exceptional attention to customer service.

Quality Policy

To aggressively develop and market our products to domestic and foreign clients, achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction through:

  • Consistently meeting or exceeding customer requirements.
  • Timeous delivery.
  • Concentrating our resources on designing and building quality into our products and services.
  • Continuously improving process controls in all areas of our business.
  • Encouraging our suppliers to enhance input quality.
  • Attracting, retaining and developing motivated quality performers.
  • Compliance with the legal and regulatory requirements applicable to our products.