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Compressors and pump parts, accessories and spares

After Market

Maintenance Plans

Airstream offers maintenance and care plans for all our compressors, both new and pre-owned. Let us take care of your investment in a structured and proactive manner which allows you to budget for a monthly expense as opposed to having to deal with unforeseen high repair costs.



Air Compressor Spares

It is a top priority within our organisation that we carry a comprehensive range of air compressor spares for all our equipment.

We understand the urgency of the situation if your equipment fails. Relying on air freighting air compressor parts in from factories abroad represents too long a duration and therefore too great a loss in down time.

This is something which we understand with absolute clarity and in order for us to ensure that your downtime is limited to an absolute minimum we invest in holding all spare parts that we anticipate may be required in our inventory for each and every machine in our range.

Compressor Parallel Parts

Original compressor service components can be expensive and in most cases this is due to overseas manufacturers purchasing from component factories in other countries, adding profit margins, transportation costs and then several additional cost centres add their share before you can make your purchase.

At Airstream Compressors we purchase directly from the component manufacturer and shipment is made in bulk in container loads to allow you to make considerable savings using our generic parts. Our compressor parallel parts program selects components with the same specifications as original equipment.

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