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Airstream’s powered by Puma range of pumps covers a wide and comprehensive range of single and two stage compressor replacement pumps.

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Piston Compressors

Airstream's powered by Puma piston compressor range is a high quality solution catering for the most demanding heavy industrial applications.

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Screw Compressors

Rotary Screw Air Compressors

Two primary objectives are applied in the manufacture of this range of industrially rated screw compressors; namely longevity and reliability.

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Air Treatment

Compressed Air Receivers, Filters and Dryers

The treatment of compressed air is often the most neglected aspect of any compressed air installation. We offer filtration, drying, storage and condensate management solutions to achieve the most stringent ISO 8573 classifications of Class 1.1.1.

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After Market

Maintenance Plans

Airstream offers maintenance and care plans for all our compressors, both new and pre-owned. Let us take care of your investment in a structured and proactive manner which allows you to budget for a monthly expense as opposed to having to deal with unforeseen high repair costs.

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