Airstream Powered by Puma Piston Compressors

Airstream Powered by Puma Piston Compressors are well known for their durability, quality and robust design.

Airstream’s Powered by Puma piston compressor range is a high quality solution catering for the most demanding heavy industrial applications.

These compressors feature pumps made from the highest grade virgin cast iron and machined by the latest CNC equipment within tolerances not normally applied to compressors. Comprehensive balancing of components, coupled with low rotational speeds provide for practically vibration-free compressed air.

Efficiency is optimized through the use of full flow concentric valves as opposed to lower cost and shorter lasting reed valves. Low running temperatures are achieved through the use of large diameter fan-wheels which direct cooling air over pump heads, intercoolers and after coolers.

A unique and patented locking system controls end float clearances on oversized taper crank bearings; the most reliable system available.

Single stage versions operate up to a maximum delivery pressure of 10 Bar and two stage versions deliver up to 12 Bar pressure.

Air receivers are fully compliant with South African laws and meet all requirements contained in SANS347 and are issued with a document pack containing all mandatory certification.

Single Stage Compressors (8 working, 10 bar max pressure) Electrical (380V/3phase) 2.2 kw (3HP) up to 15kw (20HP),

Two Stage Compressors (10 working, 12 bar max pressure) Electrical (380V/3phase) 2.2kw (3HP) up to 11kw (15HP) and

Two stage Compressors (10 working, 12 bar max pressure) Petrol and Diesel Powered.

Features at a glance

  • Two pole IP44 Electric motor
  • Two to Four cylinder
  • Direct on line
  • ASME Sec VIII, Div I receiver
  • Supplied with Synthetic Oil
  • 1 year extendable warranty
  • 80:20 duty cycle


Industrially Rated

Airstream Powered by Puma Piston Compressors are well known for their durability, quality, and robust design. Duty cycles of up to 80% are possible during periods of peak demand. Only virgin cast iron of the highest quality available is used in our pumps which maintains stability, durability and allows for greater accuracy and far stricter machining tolerances.

Machine-Balanced Crankshaft

Our pumps feature a patented system using tapered roller bearings to support the CNC machine balanced crankshaft. Extremely smooth and almost vibration free running is achieved which lowers demands on bearings and extends the lifespan of the pump. These compressors run so smoothly that there is no need to mount them with additional dampers.

Concentric Valve Design

Precision ground valve plates with special steel concentric valve discs are employed to provide efficient flow and superior sealing during intake and compression phases. High temperature graphite gasketing compound prevents degradation of the sealing properties and guarantees peak performance between 2000-hour service intervals.

Belt Tensioning System

The receiver saddle is fitted with an innovative dual tensioning and locking system which allows for simple alignment and adjustment of drive belt tension and subsequent locking to prevent motor creep. Maintenance is simplified and labour time is reduced – a simple and small innovation that saves money.

Inter-Stage Cooling System

The use of lengthened finned copper inter-stage cooking pipes and cast iron inter-stage buffer reservoirs with cooling fins ensures that the heat of primary compression is dissipated prior to second stage compression and this improves efficiency and final free air delivery.

Compliant with Legislation

Our receivers are designed and manufactured to an ASME Sec VIII, Div I design code and are supplied with the mandatory Conformity Assessment Certificated as issued by a local approved A.I.A (Authorized Inspection Authority) and are compliant with South African legislation.

Over 45 years’ experience

Our Airstream Compressors originate from the Puma Factory which has been producing compressors since 1969. Experience like this is hard to beat and translates into a reputation of dependable quality and performance.

Heavy Duty Electric Motors

Insulation class F, IP 44, cast-iron, copper-wound electric motors, rated for continuous duty are matched to our durable compressor pumps. All motors are rated with service factors of 1:0.

Non-Return Valves

Airstream Powered by Puma Compressors make use of the highest quality, heavy-duty free-flowing non-return valves with large orifice diameters to ensure free flow of compressed air from the pump to the air receiver.

Air Receiver Drain Valves

Air receivers must have the accumulated condensate drained on a regular basis. Normal seat-type drain valves often block up or fail. Airstream Powered by Puma compressors make use of a full-bore ball valve that is easily operated, will last for many years, and is easily fitted with alternative drainage mechanisms.


Fully Enclosed Belt Guards

It is a legal requirement that any moving or rotating equipment be fitted with guards to prevent accidental contact with any part of the body or clothing. Our compressors are fitted with fabricated steel, totally enclosed guards that are bolted to the air receiver. Tri-directional anchoring ensures secure fitment and almost zero vibration transfer.

Large Cooling Fans

Heat build-up is one of the biggest enemies of a compressor pump. Our pumps are fitted with large diameter fan-wheels which direct large volumes of cooling air over the crankcase, cylinders, and cylinder heads to achieve very low operational temperatures. These low temperatures eliminate the chances of carbon build-up on valves and ensure longevity of the equipment.

Special Synthetic Lubricants

All Airstream Powered by Puma Compressors undergo a pre-delivery inspection process where the machine is tested, inspected and a special fully synthetic oil is filled into the compressor pump. This special synthetic oil has superior lubricating properties and adds considerably to the lifespan of the compressor. This improved lubrication helps further reduce the operating temperatures, prevents carbon deposits, and maintains its viscosity far better than cheap mineral oils.