Controls the dewpoint of compressed air. CNK cleverly organizes the flow of compressed air in towers before dewpoint reaches to higher rates than settled dewpoint. Therefore the outlet dewpoint of compressed air gets down to lower rate. Controller; CNK prevents the wasting of compressed air by extending operation time depending on dewpoint. CNK provides cost savings up to 75 percentages by organizing operation times of towers depending on dewpoint. Alarm function warns when necessary. CNK is used as accessories in AK-DAB, AK-DAC and MAS systems.


Two towers are filled with adsorbent materials. They are designed to filter H20 molecules by the physically sieve method. H20 molecules which adhere to the surface of adsorbent material can be easily separated by the influenza of molecular forces from where they are hold. While 1.tower dries the incoming air, 2.tower is regenerated with the reversedirection regenerative air. This an physical reaction and can be repeated heaps of times This operation is alternated with between two tower at normally 10 mins. interval. Process is ordered as drying, balancing and regenerating. Approximately AK-DAB model ~15%, AK-DAC model ~30%, AK-DAB-20C model ~15% or dried air is used at regeneration. Besides, at balancing operation the air in one tower is discharged. Absorbent material is designed for these for these kinds of applications. In the case of contamination from compressor oil, providing loss than 0,001 mg/m3 of protection, replacement is suggested in the period of 5 years.