The energy efficient SCR-EPM-SERIES Screw compressors are at the cutting edge of the industry. Not only does the EPMĀ  produce more air but it also uses less power, saving you thousands in the long run. The SCR-EPM-SERIES range uses a high efficiency, IPM permanent magnet DC motor to give you advanced energy efficiency, not seen in other products.

When compared to using a traditional fixed speed compressor of equivalent size, businesses with air demands that fluctuate throughout the day will see significant power savings, as much as 60%, and a payback in as little as 1-2 years.

The benefits of the EPM range are clear from the beginning, as is the initial low investment price and the high-quality engineering found in all the products in the range.

Unique designed duel layer oil cooled PM motor

The PM motor has a cooling jacket and uses the compressors oil cooling circuit to keep the motor cool even at prolonged periods of low speed operation. The IP65 motor is ideal for dusty or poor environments. The PM motors do not use traditional bearings making the motor maintenance free.

High efficiency airend

The asymmetrical rotor profile allows for a broader sealing band between rotors compared to the conventional narrow line style seal in most other airends. This increases efficiency by 5%-10%.

The use of large diameter rotors allow for high efficiencies even at low rotational speeds providing tangible benefits such as low noise and extended longetivity.