High Efficiency Airend

The SCR asymmetric rotor profile allows for a broader sealing band between rotors compared to the conventional narrow line style seal in most other air ends and increases efficiency by between 5-10%. The use of large rotor diameters allow for high efficiency at low rotational speeds and provide tangible benefits of extended longevity and low noise. Oversized dual, back-to-back taper roller bearings effectively retain the rotor position during all load, unload and starting conditions. Triple lip shaft sealing, combined with an oil recovery system is employed to achieve a leak free design that is immune to dust ingress and oil or air loss.

Direct Driven Design

The D-range employs a 1:1 direct drive transmission configuration by the motor via a special coupling. This means that the maximum air end rotational speed is limited by the two-pole electric motors running at 2900RPM. This is the most efficient drive solution with the lowest maintenance cost available.