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Pressure Testing

The law requires that pressure vessels must conform to certain criteria as detailed in the SANS 347. One of these criteria is that the vessel be inspected and pressure tested every 36 months by an approved inspection authority. We provide these services to our clients by doing the pressure testing under the supervision of a AIA.

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Compressor Servicing

Compressors require regular maintenance due to the moving parts in the unit. This not only limits breakdowns and loss of production but also increases the lifespan of the unit if it is done by qualified technicians using high quality replacement parts. This might include Oil, Air Filter, Oil Filter, Oil Separator, Belts etc.

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Every 20 000 – 40 000 hours, model specific, compressors are due for refurbishments due to the bearings reaching the end of their life. (The larger the unit the earlier it needs maintenance) Doing these preventative maintenance repairs on your unit can help increase its lifespan to double if not left til after damage has occurred.

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Drier Servicing

The dryer performs a critical part of production by cooling the air to the point of condensation so that the moisture in the compressed air can be drained allowing clean dry air entering the factory. This not only increases Pneumatic tool life but also enhances the quality of product being manufactured. But due to seasonal changes the unit requires a service every 3 months.

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Compressor Hire

In the event that a screw compressor is damaged in such a way that the repair is going to take too long and it will affect production we provide hire compressors to our customers so that they have peace of mind that while their unit gets repaired or replaced their production continues as per normal.

We have Screw Compressors from 7.5kW – 75kW in size (8-12.5Bar) with a combined total of 461.5kW between our Durban and Johannesburg branches.