Airstream has over 21 years of consulting experience in the industry through designing, implementing and optimizing effective compressed air solutions that offer efficiency, low maintenance costs and reliability. Our product offering covers from the generation of compressed air, through the treatment, filtration, drying and reticulation of this convenient utility to our customers.

We understand that a reliable compressor installation is critical to meeting production targets of our clients. This is why teams of qualified technicians are available 24 hours a day and ready to perform maintenance, service and support. To compliment our commitment to our range of equipment, Airstream holds inventory of an extensive range of parallel parts compatible with all major brands of compressed air equipment. This provides a single source solutions for customers who operate a variety of brands of compressed air equipment. Customer downtime is kept to an absolute minimum with Airstream providing a fleet of hire compressors available in emergencies to supply a vital lifeline to ensure that production quotas are met.

Routine preventative maintenance is required on all types of compressed air equipment in order to ensure its reliability and longevity. We have a team of factory trained air compressor service technicians as well as a network of service centres available to assist you with the servicing of air compressors onsite and offsite in the event of a failure on your compressed air equipment. Compressor Installations forms a substantial part of our service departments offering.